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About Our Studio

Co founders Michelle + Rachael

Blank Studios was formed by co founders Michelle & Rachael out of a love of interiors and a background in Psychology. Our passion is designing spaces that feel like home, combining personality and lifestyle in our designs that speak to the heart of our clients.

Working alongside each other as friends and business partners over the years, we have realised the greatness of two minds over one. It has added dimension to creating beautiful spaces for our clients . Combining forces means more depth, more capacity, more creativity and double the passion for every project we work on.

We have spent years growing our networking team within Blank Studios, from furniture wholesalers and builders to artists and fabric houses. Our goal is to have every aspect of the process covered so you don't have to.

Let us join you on your journey to create spaces that are not just visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.


Directors Michelle and Rachael have years of design experience and have vast knowledge in the field.

Kirsten is a talented designer/stylist. Kirsten brings an added dimension to Blank Studios and is an asset to the team.

BS Team